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Fayetteville, NC 28303
Phone : 910-867-2113
Sunday Services: 8:45 & 11:00


Pray with Us

Please Pray with Us

Join us in prayer each week for the ministries of MacPherson Presbyterian Church and the Fayetteville community.

Devotion: Exodus 33:13-16

Vision: God calls MacPherson Presbyterian Church to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ, to make disciples, and to be His witness.


I. Admin/Personnel/Property

* Staff position searches including: What does MacPherson really need? How can these perceived vacancies by filled effectively? Do we need three part-time positions or one full-time?

* Plan for the phased replacement of aging HVAC systems

* Digital Sign

* Successful removal of the old house borer beetles

II. Christian Education

* Youth: spiritual maturing, safety in school

* Recruit teachers and encourage online participation

* Bible 101, Wednesday Bible study

* Youth & Children’s Ministry (Youth Group, Young Disciples, M&Ms and craft time)

* Vacation Bible School

* Youth Volunteer helpers to connect with youth until a new youth director is found

III. Congregational Care Concerns

* For the sick and shut-ins of the church.

* For Stephen Ministry: volunteers to be Stephen Ministers & Leaders

* Improve/enhance fellowship opportunities via face-to-face and online

* Wednesday fellowship meal/prayer meeting March 16

IV. Evangelism & Mission Concerns

* Outreach to the community

     1. How can we do it?

     2. What are we missing?

*  Habitat for Humanity: Habitat Homeowners: current & future

* Partnership with Transfiguration Church, Oryol, Russia & Russia Mission Trip 2022

* Operation Inasmuch

* Migrant Farm Workers Ministry

* Cabell Lincoln Workcamp 2022

V. Finance

* Thank God for His generous provision

* Improve stewardship practices

* Encourage use of online & e-giving

* Move stewardship month to October next year

* Replenish our restricted funds

VI. Long Range Planning

* Nursery volunteers

* Construct sound room

* Creation of a Technology Team

VII. Physical Security

* Implementation of the FEMA grant

* Formation of the FEMA implementation team

VIII. Worship & Music

* Worship 8:45 & 11:00 in-person and online; devotions; Fireside Chats

* Music director search

* Organist and Pianist/Accompanist

* Construction of toddler playground

IX. Session

* Care for their shepherd list flock

* For each elder to mature in and act upon their faith

* Fund and remediate MacPherson physical plant from insect infestation

X. Miscellaneous

* National revival; return to Jesus and healing of our nation

* Pray for the Pastor and his family

* World, national and local leaders

*In what ways can MacPherson live into our current reality and better minister to our community, our region, and the world?

* MacPherson Church’s spiritual and physical growth.

* People of Ukraine and Russia

* Each member of the MacPherson Church family will invite one person each week to come to church with them.


Remember to give thanks to God for answered prayer!

Rev. James Randall

3525 Cliffdale Road
Fayetteville, NC 28303
Phone : 910-867-2113
Fax : 910-867-1142


Church  Secretary
Rene Bahrenfuss

3525 Cliffdale Road
Fayetteville, NC 28303
Phone : 910-867-2113
Fax : 910-867-1142


Director  of Christian Education, Youth, & Family Ministries

3525 Cliffdale Road
Fayetteville, NC 28303
Phone : 910-867-2113
Fax : 910-867-1142


Director of Music Ministry

3525 Cliffdale Road
Fayetteville, NC 28303
Phone : 910-867-2113
Fax : 910-867-1142




Macpherson  Presbyterian Church
3525 Cliffdale Road
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