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Elder Biographies

Tanya Anderson (Class of 2021)

Clerk of Session

Tanya Anderson is not new to MacPherson; she has been visiting since she was a child.  She is part of the Chapman family, who have been members here since the ’60’s.  Tanya was born and raised on Long Island, NY, to Barbara Chapman-Nellis and Tony Nellis, but she often attended MacPherson while visiting her grandparents, Clark and Peg Chapman, here in Fayetteville.  

After getting her degree in Elementary Education at Appalachian State University, Tanya moved to Fayetteville and began her teaching career with Cumberland County Schools. Tanya recently married Wil Anderson and they both joined the church last year.  She is a member of Circle 7 and active with the children of the church and the CCT team. Tanya is honored to be considered as a nominee for elder at MacPherson. 


Julie Bekkering (Class of 2020)

Worship & Music Team Chair

Julie Bekkering has been a member of MacPherson Presbyterian since 2004, when she and her father moved here from Michigan to be near her daughter and family. She has previously served six years on Session. She is currently our church organist, a member of the Chancel Choir, and a member of PW Circle 4. She has recently retired and has a passion for rescuing homeless senior dogs.


Neal Bullard (Class of 2020)

Admin/Personnel/Property Team

Neal is a native of Cumberland County and has been a member of MacPherson Presbyterian Church for 55 years. He graduated from 71st High School, Mars Hill University, East Carolina University, and the University of Arizona. He was employed by Ft. Bragg Schools for 23 years and currently operates B&B Used Auto Parts. Neal has previously served as a deacon and elder at MacPherson Presbyterian Church. He is married to Angeline. They have two sons, Frank and Kurt; five grandchildren; and one great-grandchild.


José Cardona (Class of 2022)

Admin/Personnel/Property Team

Hello! I am José Ivan Cardona. I am 68 years old and married to a wonderful wife for 45 years. Her name is Cha H. Cardona, mother of our four children. Two of my children attend this church (Awilda Reyes and Margie Johnston). I served in the Armed Forces of the United States (Army) for 20 years. In the month of November I will be retired over 30 years! I am completely retired from any work now. I am also a proud parent and grandfather of 11 grandchildren who are my whole life and my future. (You know some of them! Leo, Eli, Nabia, Jezenia, and Iniaja!) I came to Fayetteville through the Army and have lived here over 40 years. I enjoy the church and the happiness its members give me. The fellowship is priceless. To God Be the Glory!


Scott Cummings (Class of 2021)

Evangelism & Mission Team Chair

Scott Cummings is a Harnett County native who served 32 years active duty with the Army. Scott then worked nine years as a contractor overseas, retiring in February 2018. He has a BS from West Point and three Masters’ degrees from Webster University and the Army War College. Scott became a member of MacPherson Church in 1983, and he served as a deacon in the church for over five years. He and wife Victoria have been married for 40 years. They have two children: Hank and Lauren.


Cristy Grady (Class of 2020)

Christian Education

I was born in Daegu, South Korea, and am an Army Brat. I moved to Fayetteville, North Carolina, in 1986 with my family via the Army. I graduated from Westover High School in 2001 and then graduated from UNCP in 2006 with a BA in History. I currently work for Cape Fear Valley’s Physical Therapy Department scheduling patients.

My father is Pastor Jim and my mom is Myung Randall. I have two younger brothers, John and William, and a younger adopted sister, Jada. My husband, Justin Grady, is currently stationed at Camp Carroll in South Korea and will be home December 2017.


Mary Groening (Class of 2021)

Worship & Music Team

Mary Groening joined MacPherson in 1998 after husband Bill retired and they made Fayetteville their home. Mary taught high school math for 31 years before retiring in 2011. She is active in church as MacPherson’s treasurer, is the head “Knitwit,” is one of the “Ding-a-lings” (handbell choir member), and a member of Circle 5. She also participates in Operation Inasmuch and the West Virginia Mission trip, and she has traveled on the Russia Mission trip. Outside of church she loves playing with and training her dogs, golf, and sewing. (Some of her sewing handiwork can be see on the quilts auctioned for the Autumn Bazaar.)


David Hesnard (Class of 2022)

Congregational Care Team Chair

I was born in Fort Collins, Colorado, grew up on a cattle ranch in the Black Hills of South Dakota, graduated from South Dakota State University in 1974 with a BS in Wildlife and Fisheries Management and a commission in the US Army. My 11+ years of military service included assignments in West Germany, Fort Bragg, South Korea and Fort Riley. I first came to Fayetteville in 1978 and finally settled here in 1986. In 1995 I married my late wife Susan; in 2006 I came to MacPherson. I have 3 children (Cindy, Paul, and Diane); 8 grandchildren; 1 great grandson; and claim MacPherson as my spiritual home. My experience here includes serving on the Session leading the E&M Team for 5 years, teaching a number of Sunday school classes, and membership in the MacPherson Men’s group.


Don Mollett (Class of 2022)

Long Range Planning Team

I was born in 1960 in Columbus, Ohio. I lived in Ohio until I joined the Army in 1979. I served 25 years in the US Army, retiring in January 2005 here at Fort Bragg. I currently work as a civilian government employee on Fort Bragg, serving in that capacity for the last 14 years. I joined the McPherson Presbyterian Church family roughly 20 years ago. During that time I have served on the Session once before. Now, after much self-reflection and a great deal of prayer, I feel I am being called to once again serve my church family to the best of my abilities. I have the support of my lovely wife Elizabeth and our entire family. My wife and her family have attended MacPherson most of their lives and I am honored to join them in this life’s journey.


Kim Perkins (Class of 2019)

Worship & Music Team

Kim Perkins is the daughter of Harold and Rosie Bunnells. Born in Charlotte and raised in Fayetteville, she lived here all her life until she married husband Tom. At that point, the Army took them several different places during Tom’s 22 years of service. After he retired, they moved home to Fayetteville. Tom is now a deputy with the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office. Their son Damien is currently in Basic Training at Ft. Benning, GA. They have four fur babies: dogs Jingo and Uke and kitties Mr. Jingles and Diesel. She and Tom have acquired land in Bladen County and are building their “forever home” with the hopes of rescuing some more fur babies and starting their own little farm. In her free time Kim enjoys traveling, reading, and spending time with family and friends. Kim graduated from FTCC in 1991 with an AA in Banking and Finance. She worked in mortgage banking for 17 years. She eventually went back to school and earned an AA in nursing from Lincoln University in Missouri. In 2011 she received her BA in nursing from Fayetteville State and she is currently an RN at Cape Fear Valley in the CSICU. She works with patients in recovery straight from the operating room after open heart surgery. A lifetime member of MacPherson, Kim is an ordained elder who has previously served on the Session and as a member of the Christian Education Team. She is currently on Session as a member of Worship & Music. She is also a member of Circle 7.


Dennis Reid (Class of 2021)

Christian Education Team Chair

I was born in North Carolina in 1961. I am married to Kyong Shin, and we have 7-year-old twins: Daniel and Emerald. I also have two daughters from a previous marriage: Angelina (age 35) and AnJuli (age 33). I have two granddaughters and a grandson. My hobbies include hiking, camping, touring National and Zoology Parks, fishing, some golf, and spending time with my family. I completed BCT and AIT in the summer of 1979 at Fort Jackson and entered the Army as a Power Generation and Wheel Vehicle Mechanic. Most recently I spent three years in Korea with the 403rd AFSB working as the Deputy Chief of Maintenance Division and TMP. My family and I returned to Fort Bragg and MacPherson in March 2015. I earned an AA in General Education and a BS in Psychology from the University of Maryland and am now pursuing an MS in Psychology. I have always been active in local churches where I was stationed, including volunteer work as a Sunday School teacher and youth group advisor. I was instrumental in the development of a prison ministry in Korea. Here at MacPherson I teach Sunday School and work in the nursery.


Awilda “Ally” Reyes (Class of 2020)

Evangelism & Mission Team

I am a God-loving Christian, married, and proud mother of three beautiful little girls. I am a Carolina girl, born and raised. Being half Puerto Rican and half Korean, I enjoy all aspects in everyone’s different culture. I was born August 29, 1975. I’m a military brat of a father who retired 1st SGT from the Army.

I followed Pastor Randall from Hope Mills Presbyterian to MacPherson and here I became a member and made my home. I have been in the handbell choir and now I am a joyful participant of the choir, and enjoy watching my girls grow with the church.

I am the Business Office Manager at Heritage Place. I have been with the company for six years now and absolutely consider Heritage Place my extended family. I love to laugh and enjoy the laughter of others.


David Sines (Class of 2022)

Congregational Care Team

My name is David Sines. I am the youngest of eight children. My parents are Robert and Edna Sines. Both of my parents are deceased. I was
born in Warren, Ohio on the 14th day of October in 1959. I graduated from Lakeview High School and joined the military shortly after. I married my wife Tamara the 5th day of November in 1977. We have four children and eight grandchildren. I served 15 years in the military; Ft. Bragg, North Carolina was my last duty station. We have been in Fayetteville, North Carolina since 1987. I currently work for Valet Living at night and have been with them for over 12 years. I also have my own business with my wife called DTS Handyman and Cleaner. In my free time I enjoy hunting and fishing.


Buck Thrailkill (Class of 2020)

Long Range Planning Team Chair

Buck Thrailkill is a professional music instructor and a professional musician. You’ve probably seen him in church and at special MacPherson activities like the TLC dinner, proclaiming the Gospel with his singing and banjo. Buck retired from the Army in 1997 from the Special Operations community. In addition to performing and teaching, Buck is vice president of a custom leather company and an active member of the International Bluegrass Music Association. Buck has lived in Fayetteville/Ft. Bragg since 1982; he’s been a member at MacPherson since 2008. He has been an elder in the Presbyterian Church for 21 years, including two terms on the Session at Hope Mills Presbyterian. Buck is married to Susan and they have eight children and nine grandchildren.


Jim Wanovich (Class of 2021)

Admin/Personnel/Property Team Chair

My family and I have been attending MacPherson Presbyterian Church since 2008 and became members in 2010. I am a native of Pittsburgh, PA, but the Army has taken our family around the world. I served in units throughout the Army and culminated my 26-year career in 2017 while serving with the Joint Special Operations Command at Fort Bragg. I am currently the Senior Army Instructor of the Junior Reserve Officer Training Course (JROTC) at Jack Britt High School. I have been active in the youth group, a member of the Men’s Group and have taken part in the West Virginia Mission trip as well as assisting with the MacPherson Vacation Bible School.

I enjoy all physical activities and like to work around the house doing projects for my beautiful bride of almost 25 years, Kim. We are extremely blessed and proud of our children who have grown up in this church and have been mentored by so many members. Thank you for considering me for nomination.


Rev. James Randall

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Rene Bahrenfuss

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Director  of Christian Education, Youth, & Family Ministries

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