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Elder Biographies

Tanya Anderson (Class of 2024)

Christian Education Team Chair

Tanya Anderson is not new to MacPherson; she has been visiting since she was a child.  She is part of the Chapman family, who have been members here since the ’60’s.  Tanya was born and raised on Long Island, NY, to Barbara Chapman-Nellis and Tony Nellis, but she often attended MacPherson while visiting her grandparents, Clark and Peg Chapman, here in Fayetteville.  

After getting her degree in Elementary Education at Appalachian State University, Tanya moved to Fayetteville and began her teaching career with Cumberland County Schools. Tanya is married to Wil Anderson.

José Cardona (Class of 2025)

Admin/Personnel/Property Team

Hello! I am José Ivan Cardona, married to Cha H. Cardona, mother of our four children. Two of my children attend this church (Awilda Reyes and Margie Johnston). I served in the Armed Forces of the United States (Army) for 20 years. I am completely retired from any work now. I am also a proud parent and grandfather of 11 grandchildren who are my whole life and my future. I came to Fayetteville through the Army and have lived here over 40 years. I enjoy the church and the happiness its members give me. The fellowship is priceless. To God Be the Glory!

Scott Cummings (Class of 2024)

Long Range Planning Team

Scott Cummings is a Harnett County native who served 32 years active duty with the Army. Scott then worked nine years as a contractor overseas, retiring in February 2018. He has a BS from West Point and three Masters’ degrees from Webster University and the Army War College. Scott became a member of MacPherson Church in 1983, and he served as a deacon in the church for over five years. He and wife Victoria have been married for more than 40 years. They have two children: Hank and Lauren.

Tricia DeMann (Class of 2026)

Congregational Care Team

A native of Fayetteville, Tricia spent her early childhood attending Highland Presbyterian Church. She became a member there through confirmation. While she was married, she traveled with her husband and two children to the mid-west. Tricia returned to Fayetteville in 1997. Through the witnessing of a co-worker, Tricia recognized something very important was missing in her life, and she began to seek a church family. She knew she wanted a church that preached the Bible and a congregation that would support and encourage the renewal of her faith and walk with Christ. In November 2005, she joined MacPherson through Reaffirmation of Faith. Shortly after joining the church, Tricia joined the Presbyterian Women and became a member of Circle 4. She has served as the PW Treasurer, Moderator, Vice-Moderator, and Secretary. She also joined the handbell choir and has been a member of the Congregational Care Team for more than eight years. Tricia has prayerfully reflected on the opportunity to be considered as an Elder nominee for 2024, and she is happy to serve Christ and His Church in this capacity if it is His will.

Bill Groening (Class of 2024)

Admin/Personnel/Property Team Chair

Shortly after his retirement from the military in 1996, Bill Groening and his wife Mary joined MacPherson Presbyterian Church. Raised in a Methodist family, Bill became a Presbyterian by marriage. After his full retirement in 2012, he has been an active member of the church: participating in the annual West Virginia work camp mission trip and a member of the Evangelism and Missions team. In 2013, he was commissioned as an Elder and has led the Finance Team, served as the Autumn Bazaar Czar, taught Sunday School, and been an active member of the MacPherson Men.

Mary Groening (Class of 2024)

Worship & Music Team Chair

Mary Groening joined MacPherson in 1998 after husband Bill retired and they made Fayetteville their home. Mary taught high school math for 31 years before retiring in 2011. She is active in church as MacPherson’s treasurer, is a member of the “McCrafters,” is one of the “Ding-a-lings” (handbell choir member), and a member of Circle 5. She also participates in Operation Inasmuch and the West Virginia Mission trip, and she has traveled on the Russia Mission trip. Outside of church she loves playing with and training her dogs, golf, and sewing. (Some of her sewing handiwork can be see on the quilts auctioned for the Autumn Bazaar.)

David Hesnard (Class of 2025)

Congregational Care Team Chair

I was born in Fort Collins, Colorado, grew up on a cattle ranch in the Black Hills of South Dakota, graduated from South Dakota State University in 1974 with a BS in Wildlife and Fisheries Management and a commission in the US Army. My 11+ years of military service included assignments in West Germany, Fort Bragg, South Korea and Fort Riley. I first came to Fayetteville in 1978 and finally settled here in 1986. In 2006 I came to MacPherson. I have 3 children (Cindy, Paul, and Diane); 8 grandchildren; 1 great grandson; and claim MacPherson as my spiritual home. My experience here includes serving on the Session leading the E&M Team for several years, teaching a number of Sunday school classes, and membership in the MacPherson Men’s group.

Norma Lindon (Class of 2026)

Long Range Planning Team

I was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and was raised in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. I come from a very traditional family. My parents always instill in me strong values and were a great example. They were always there to help family members, and always willing to participate in the community events. They actively participated organizing sports tournaments for the youth in our community and other civic organizations. They are great role models because they always do the right thing no matter what. They always were there in crucial times and always give great advice when needed.

I was raised in the Catholic faith and always felt a strong connection with God. I consider myself a spiritual person. I attended an evangelical private academy growing up. I could never get over the fact that the people that called themselves Christians, like my classmates and their parents, were the most fake people I have ever seen. I could not reconcile the fact that what they said and what they did were opposites.

As a military wife I have lived in many places and always looked for the right place to worship. I have attended other churches and with time the members have fallen short of what a welcoming Christian church should be. Thankfully, that lead me to MacPherson Church, where I came with my sons as part of the Boy Scout Troop 771. I have been so impressed by the character of everyone I interact with at MacPherson Church that I knew this was the church for me.

Joe McArthur (Class of 2025)

Worship & Music Team

A lifelong member of MacPherson Church, Joe has served on a variety of teams and is a steadfast member of the Chancel Choir. With deep roots in the history of the church, Joe is also attentive to MacPherson’s historic Scottish heritage. Always ready to lend a hand with whatever the church needs, Joe supports the work of Christ through MacPherson Church.

Don Mollett (Class of 2025)

Evangelism & Mission Team Chair

I was born in 1960 in Columbus, Ohio. I lived in Ohio until I joined the Army in 1979. I served 25 years in the US Army, retiring in January 2005 here at Fort Bragg. I currently work as a civilian government employee on Fort Bragg. I joined the McPherson Presbyterian Church family 20+ years ago. During that time I have served on the Session once before. Now, after much self-reflection and a great deal of prayer, I feel I am being called to once again serve my church family to the best of my abilities. I have the support of my lovely wife Elizabeth and our entire family. My wife and her family have attended MacPherson most of their lives and I am honored to join them in this life’s journey.

Sharon Mozingo (Class of 2026)

Evangelism & Mission Team

Sharon is an Eastern North Carolina Native. She graduated from UNC Wilmington with a B.S in Medical Technology and went on to study at the Cape Fear Valley School of Medical Technology. She has been a member of MacPherson since 1983. Sharon is the mother of two children who were both baptized at McPherson. She is also Grandmommy to three beautiful and wonderful grandchildren. Over the years, Sharon has served as youth group adviser, Sunday school teacher, choir and handbell member, PW Moderator, Congregational Care Team member, and VBS volunteer. She has been honored with the PW Lifetime Award. Sharon enjoys reading and traveling and being with friends. She asks that you pray her involvement as a Session member would honor God and benefit the church, congregation, and community in some way.

Jada Randall (Class of 2026)

Christian Education Team

I am Jada Randall. I grew up in MacPherson Church and have been and continue to be very active in the church. Jesus is my Savior and the guiding force in my life, and He is the one who provides purpose to what I do. I currently am the vice president of our youth group and a member of two praise bands: The Angelics and Four R Savior. I am very active in helping to lead and teach at Vacation Bible School each year. For the past two VBS I designed and directed the youth in building the backgrounds and sets for VBS. I recognized my need for a mentor and am grateful for those adults who teach and mentor me. I also realized all of our youth and children need mentors as well. As a result, I and some of our older youth began mentoring the younger youth. I feel Jesus is calling me now to serve in places of greater responsibility.

Megan Shoff (Class of 2026)

Evangelism & Mission Team

Megan was born and raised in Ohio and grew up in the Catholic church. After she moved to North Carolina in 2011, Megan was introduced to MacPherson Church by her friend, Cristy Grady. She began attending MacPherson Church sporadically in 2012. On November 9, 2015, she and her husband Jeremy were married at the church in a small ceremony. They finally became members of the church in April 2018. Both of their daughters, Alexandria and Ava, were baptized in the church around their first birthdays. Megan was a member of Circle 1 and participates in events the church organizes. She would like to serve her church in whichever way God has called her to. She is humbled and honored to be considered to be nominated as a member of the church Session.

Steve Thrasher (Class of 2026)

Long Range Planning Team Chair

Steve began his faith journey when he was confirmed as a member of Basking Ridge Presbyterian Church (NJ) in 1986. He moved his membership to High Bridge Presbyterian Church, Natural Bridge, VA, before graduating from Virginia Military Institute in 1993 with a double major in history and modern languages. His membership remained at High Bridge until he joined MacPherson Church last year. During his service in the Army he attended several Baptist churches and non-denominational, on-post chapels, most recently Cedar Falls Baptist Church, here in Fayetteville. Steve served as an Army field artilleryman for 20 years, with assignments in Texas, South Korea, Georgia, Iraq, California, and North Carolina. During that time, he commanded an Artillery unit in Korea (composed of American and South Korean soldiers) and served in a variety of staff assignments.  His combat service includes deployment to the initial invasion of Iraq in 2003 as an Assistant Inspector General in the 3d Infantry Division, and then 2007-2008 as an artillery battalion Operations Officer and Executive Officer. His 350-Soldier artillery had a mixture of responsibilities focused on firing cannons and training approximately 10,000 Iraqi Police. As the police force’s effectiveness increased over time, the requirement for cannon fire decreased, allowing reallocation of soldiers to training more police personnel. Later, in California, he was the Chief of Operations for Fort Irwin, home of the Army’s National Training Center.

Jim Wanovich (Class of 2024)

Clerk of Session

My family and I have been attending MacPherson Presbyterian Church since 2008 and became members in 2010. I am a native of Pittsburgh, PA, but the Army has taken our family around the world. I served in units throughout the Army and culminated my 26-year career in 2017 while serving with the Joint Special Operations Command at Fort Bragg. I am currently the Senior Army Instructor of the Junior Reserve Officer Training Course (JROTC) at Jack Britt High School. I have been active in the youth group, a member of the Men’s Group and have taken part in the West Virginia Mission trip as well as assisting with the MacPherson Vacation Bible School.

I enjoy all physical activities and like to work around the house doing projects for my beautiful bride, Kim. We are extremely blessed and proud of our children who have grown up in this church and have been mentored by so many members.

Rev. James Randall

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